Friday, 28 October 2011

What do you find Romantic?

I was just reading a really good article over at the excellent Let's Talk Romance blog (the same wonderful people that ran the 'Pitch Your First Page' contest.) Anyway this particular article was about romantic gestures more precisely book vs real life. I had to think about this because I didn't want to leave any out (I know I have, but I still can't think of them.) I do have a romantic story/reminiscence from the romances in my life. My husband does what I think is the most romantic thing in the world, he dances with me. He can't dance! But when certain songs play, or when I ask he'll slow dance with me, whether it's in the middle of our lounge or at our annual Mummy/Daddy friends Christmas do. I always think it's the little things that are most romantic, the little touches, gestures, those that remind you they love you so much they just have to be near you. So now I'm wondering what do you find romantic? I posted my greatest hits over at the other blog (use romantic gestures link above). Feel free to post here or there. Inquiring minds want to know! X M


Nas Dean said...

Great post and a sweet husband!

Mel Jolley said...

Thank you Nas, yes he is. ;)