Friday, 28 December 2012

Raven McAllan is Teaching Teacher & Me too!

I'd like to welcome the most excellent and versatile, Raven McAllan to my blog today, here to talk about her latest release Teaching Teacher, and teaching me a thing or two in the process.

So Raven, pleasure to have you here, how are the wilds of Scotland at this festive time of year? Any plans for Hogmanay?
Ah it's great to be here. Here you are, a slice of gluten free Christmas Cake and a dram…Yum I love Scotland, thanks Raven.
Now re Hogmanay…We do have a few plans. Though we tend to be very low key, and enjoy the company of a few friends, with a dram and a tall dark handsome first-footer…Okay, he's not got a lot of hair left and it is going grey, but…Hehe, I'm sure it still counts. (If you don't know what a first footer is GOOGLE is your friend ;))

Sounds good. So, we're here to discuss your latest release "Teaching Teacher". I'm a complete noob to the world of M/M erotic fiction, how does it differ to M/F (apart from the obvious, of course *snigger*)
Well I don't think it does. Okay it's about two people of the same sex, but to me, a love story is just that. A story about love, romance and all the trials and tribulations that goes with it. Does my bum look big in this applies to anyone! Hehe, so true.

What led you to start writing M/M? I think originally I wrote a couple of short stories, and realized that as I said above it’s a love story first and foremost, and the sex of my characters are secondary. Up to a point anyway! Then My first full length M/M Riding Ryder began to bombard me. I'm a pantster, I know I need to get (hopefully) from A to B, but how I get there is anybody's—well except the characters—guess.
Teaching Teacher started from a germ of am idea when I visited a certain seaside town in Scotland. Coincidentally the one I used for my two shorts, and partly for 'Ryder'. Which is strange because it's just a town! A very nice town, but nothing about it make me think ah ha, I need to write a book about here. Especially a M/M erotic romance, there's not a lot of eroticism on a wet Saturday in Scotland. Don't I know it ;)

What can you tell us about the heroes, Seb and Ruari?
They're normal guys. Work hard and wonder if they'll ever fall in love and then they meet each other. Seb's a head maser of a school and Ruari owns a pub. Ruari had a dark past and they both have to overcome obstacles to see if they can be together.

I read somewhere a while back that it's mostly heterosexual women who read M/M erotic fiction, any ideas as to why you think that is?
 I've no idea, I know men and women who read M/F M/M F/F etc etc, and all variations of the above lol. If you find out why, let me know! I will do ;)

Okay I know you have to head off to the theatre to see Dirty Dancing, so for my last question I must know. If you were Baby, who would be your Johnny? (Hubby is not an option!)
Well Richard Gere in his American Gigolo days was a big hit for me…(we were both younger and more supple then lol) And Johnny Depp any time…please??? I'm totally with you on JD

Thank you so much for coming to play Raven. I look forward to trying out my first M/M, and if you're curious there is no better time to start than now! Check out Teaching Teacher, out today with Breathless Press, Amazon, Amazon UK, All Romance, BookStrand.

Your welcome Mel, and as a treat, I'll give one lucky commenter a gift of either Riding Ryder or Addicktion vol 2 ebook…
Ooh what a pleasant surprise! Sounds great, so guys and gals get commenting and you could win with Raven! Now for the good stuff, keep reading!

Finding love in a new town had not been in Seb's plans. But life has a tendency to throw you curveballs – like Ruari.

When the new head teacher walks into his bar, Ruari knows he has to have him, and damn the consequences. When lust turns to love, nothing else matters. Together they will overcome, no matter what. Or will circumstances drive them apart?

Coffee or merlot?”
“Er, is either of them a euphemism?” Seb raised an eyebrow. Ruari choked as Seb went on. “Because I’d like a glass of merlot, and I’m fucking sure I’d love the euphemism.”
“I’m fucking sure we both would,” Ruari said frankly. “Not yet, though. First we’ll have the merlot. I’ll tell you a little bit more about my weird and, er, some would say wonderful family. Then you can decide if you still want to have the euphemism. If you do, great. If you don’t, no hard feelings. Well, maybe.”
Seb took the glass of wine Ruari handed over and then pulled him down so they could sit close together. “Surely, it can’t be that bad?” Seb asked.
“I’ll let you make your own mind up.” Ruari fortified his courage with a healthy swallow of the smooth liquid. It tasted of walnuts and spices. He relished the warmth that spread as it slid down his throat. As the last flavor left his taste buds, he took a deep breath.
Seb put a finger over his mouth. “Nope, enough already. Let’s just see where these tingles and hard cocks are taking us. Hopefully not to anymore cold showers. Hell, it’s a wonder I’m not shriveled to the size of a chipolata instead of hot, hard, and throbbing.”
Ruari burst out laughing. “You too? Thank God. I thought I was the only sappy one. I wasn’t going to jerk off until...well...”
“You decided I was a jerk or not? Yeah, me too, so are we jerks, jerking, or joining?”
Ruari shook his head, amused at the pair of them, and had another sip of wine. He could see Seb watching the play of his throat as he swallowed. He imagined it was Seb’s cum he was swallowing; he could almost taste and smell its salty flavor and scent. He cleared his throat rapidly. “So in the interest of not causing any droughts, human or otherwise?”

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Her Mr Perfect Christmas

So I did it. I bit the bullet and self-pubbed. Firstly with Kindle which was a absolute doddle :), and then with Smashwords, which was a lot less of a doddle :(. (And still isn't quite right :\). I have to admit, it's the most scared I've been when a book has come out, because this one is all on me! I know it's far from perfect, but apart from my hero (obviously), nothing is perfect. So here's a snippit, and the cover (which I am immensely proud of, and grateful to Faye for her PP hint.)

Amy Martin and Dominic Shaw have never been friends. However, when Dom arrives on Marty's doorstep, after she leaves a drunken message meant for his sister; things begin to change between them. Can Miss Responsible and the boy who never grew up, really be a recipe for perfection? 

WARNING: This book contains alcohol consumption that will make your liver cringe, swearing that a sailor would be proud of , and scenes of a sexual and sensual nature--So an average Saturday night down the pub then.

"I'm not twelve anymore Dom, you can't frighten me like you used to."
"Are you sure?" He raised a questioning eyebrow, and she could see he'd taken her words as a challenge.
Oh, shit. She scrambled back to the opposite end of the sofa, as he advanced on her. Never taking his eyes off hers, he inched closer. He placed one hand on the back of the sofa and one on the base near her shoulders, and then heaved himself up quickly, angling directly above her.
Marty's breathing had become ragged and incredibly loud in her own ears.
As he leaned closer his t-shirt dropped to touch her camisole at the base of her stomach, the outside of his thighs, pushed against the inside of hers forcing her legs to widen. With amazing control he lowered himself until their lips almost touched, his head tilted to the side so they didn't bump noses.
My God, is he actually going to do it? Two worlds collided in her brain, the one that kept having the increasingly erotic thoughts and right now was making her extremely hot, and the one that said, "What are you thinking. This is Dom?!"
"Are you sure I can't still scare you?" He whispered. His breath was warm and smelled of beer and popcorn. Their only point of contact was mid-thigh, but despite this she felt the electricity between them at every point of her body he shadowed; their lips, their torsos, and most noticeably their hips.
Marty closed her eyes, took a deep controlling breath, and then licked her lips, before finding Dominic's gaze again. Reaching up she placed a hand either side of his body, feeling the taut muscles under the t-shirt, she couldn't resist running her fingertips, inwards to his abs, just a little. He closed his eyes and a very visible shiver rolled over his body.
She'd never been more turned on in her life. But it had to stop. Now!
Dominic opened his eyes, narrowing them. She knew he was calling her a number of unflattering names in his head right now.
Slowly she pushed up, and he yielded to her pressure, returning to a seated position on the far end of the sofa.
"To answer your question, Dom: No you don't scare me anymore."
What was scaring her was how much she'd wanted his lips on hers.