Thursday, 14 June 2012


So I was thinking?! (Hold the cheeky comments a moment.) And it occurred to me I actually haven't given away a copy of my book (myself), mostly because I have very few blog followers! So let's pretend more people than me actually read my blog (it's a stretch I know).

I'm not giving something away for nothing, however. What I want from you is your favourite type of hero and why? Feel free to use book/film/tv characters who ring your bell!

So do you like them tall, dark and brooding a'la David Boreanaz's 'Angel', or a slim, fair smartarse like James Marster's 'Spike'. Maybe you like a quirky genius such as {place choice of actor here} Dr Who, or the just plain sexy & often weird Johnny Depp as {insert odd character of choice here}.

What floats your boat and sends your heart racing is it Bill, Eric or Alcide (sorry but Jason is still Vinnie from Home and Away for me!) Then there's the ultimate question for ladies of a certain age (yes I'm in that age group!) George or Brad?

Do Avengers make you amorous?

Does Captain Jack float your boat?

Does Hawaii Five-0's Commander Steve McGarret get you hot and bothered?

A man who knows how to play games like Sonny Bill Williams-All Black

Want make this Ranger your King?

George vs Brad?

My apologies for the terrible captions above. X

Inquiring minds want to know! So write your answers below and I'll get an independent adju judge to decide who gets the free copy of Wolf's Heart - extra points for making us laugh or blush! For more details about the book please check out X M