Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A little word on reading reviews

I DON'T! I learnt very early on, it's not a great idea. As Benny (Minnie Driver) said in Circle of Friends (which I just saw is 20 years old this year... which it can't be because me, Minnie and Chris O'Donnell aren't that old!) "...I may look like a rhinoceros, but I've got quite a thin skin really."

It's true, reading reviews is not conducive to writing. Writers constantly struggle with this idea -
When I start a new story I'm a genius, when the first embers of creativity start dying I'm a fraud, and as much as reading the "nice" reviews may be lovely and helpful, reading the "other" reviews can be devastating. I'm only telling you all this because I just googled my little self-pub, and saw some star ratings. I was quite happy with the results I saw, but it was an itch that was scratched in those fleeting glances, because I know if I look harder I might not like what I see and then I'd never write again. So a word to the wise. Leave well enough alone and just get on with being a genius, because we could use a few more of those in the world right now. X

PS I'm six years younger than both Minnie and Chris, so I'm not that old ;)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

back to school...

So the kids went back to school today. We had a lovely Christmas hols, and they've been somewhat difficult to get over, but it's back to normal now. Well as normal as this household gets anyway. We have three birthdays and a trip to Disneyland Paris to contend with over the next two months, so as always busy, busy. Wish me luck. x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Life and motivation

Well life got in the way, once again. As it does with young children. On the build up to Christmas doing stuff for them became my priority and finding the motivation to finish my novella did not. ARGHHHH! New year, new motivation... I hope. So today on the first day of this bright and beautiful new year, I won't make a resolution, but I will make a promise to myself to try harder in all areas of my life! I wish you luck in the promises you make to yourself on this New Year's day. X M