Friday, 13 April 2012

Balance... What's That?!

Bewitched? I wish I could wiggle my nose that well!
If you're after great insight, you've come to completely the wrong place, I was kinda hoping you could tell me. I'm a mother of two, wife of one (this isn't BIG LOVE folks) and though I don't have a paying job to go to, like many of the writers I've met online, I still don't seem to have the time to do everything I want to do. My time management sucks. There are far more people in this world who have a crap load to do and get it done with time to spare, but I'm not one of them. I've really learnt to cut down on my social networking, a necessary evil if you're trying to advertise an upcoming release. If I write at night, I feel like I'm neglecting my husband. I can only write during the day on one of the three afternoons my son is at nursery. I've got a TBR (To Be Read) pile that is constantly increasing, yet is necessary in developing my knowledge of the romance genre and writing in general. So where does that leave, I've got no friggin' idea?! I just keep plodding along, getting new words down when I can, editing old words during the breaks, and praying for those immensely rare moments when I don't feel guilty because I need to do dishes or vacuum. (Thanks to my husband for a few hours of that over Easter). So no plan to improve my sucky time management, just a hope that I'll get that place one day, when the magic fairies leave the house sparkling and I rock out 3000 amazing words in an hour to spend the rest of my evening day being the 50s/60s housewife I was born to be. Martini's anyone?


TracyP said...

the bane of my life!!! NEVER having time for anything! and NEVER having everything done! Just before the school holidays I wrote up a daily schedule (hmm might need to blog about that one soon) I scheduled EVERYTHING, even brushing teeth and Hair (not that I need to worry about hair anymore hehe) I found that if I was good and stuck to my schedule, everything got done, the house was tidy AND I seemed to have more time to do what I wanted! I am hoping the longer I do this it will become habit and then it will be second nature .. well here's hoping. So far the school holidays have got me way off kilter and the house is a wreak again lol oh well only one more week to go!
After that magic fairy has been to your place, send her on to m eplease!!

Mel Jolley said...

Sure thing Tracy, consider that fairy winging her way to you soon! lol Part of my problem (okay maybe more than a part) is I am essentially lazy! :S I'll leave it if I think I can get away with it, but when I'm put in a position of having to do, I can be on total fire. Grrr. How's the hair growing? You are officially one of my heroes. XXX M