Thursday, 14 June 2012


So I was thinking?! (Hold the cheeky comments a moment.) And it occurred to me I actually haven't given away a copy of my book (myself), mostly because I have very few blog followers! So let's pretend more people than me actually read my blog (it's a stretch I know).

I'm not giving something away for nothing, however. What I want from you is your favourite type of hero and why? Feel free to use book/film/tv characters who ring your bell!

So do you like them tall, dark and brooding a'la David Boreanaz's 'Angel', or a slim, fair smartarse like James Marster's 'Spike'. Maybe you like a quirky genius such as {place choice of actor here} Dr Who, or the just plain sexy & often weird Johnny Depp as {insert odd character of choice here}.

What floats your boat and sends your heart racing is it Bill, Eric or Alcide (sorry but Jason is still Vinnie from Home and Away for me!) Then there's the ultimate question for ladies of a certain age (yes I'm in that age group!) George or Brad?

Do Avengers make you amorous?

Does Captain Jack float your boat?

Does Hawaii Five-0's Commander Steve McGarret get you hot and bothered?

A man who knows how to play games like Sonny Bill Williams-All Black

Want make this Ranger your King?

George vs Brad?

My apologies for the terrible captions above. X

Inquiring minds want to know! So write your answers below and I'll get an independent adju judge to decide who gets the free copy of Wolf's Heart - extra points for making us laugh or blush! For more details about the book please check out X M


kooks said...

Ok when did you meet Spike (jealous). I'm the good guy girl. I like my men to be hairy chested, look like a MAN and of course be the nice guy. Romantic, persistant,sensitive. Sad woman that I am. Give me a hairy chested mix of Adam (LHOP), Jonesey (Waltons), Gilbert Blythe (AOGG) and Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls) and Im a happy bunny xxxxxxx

Susie Medwell said...

Mmm well so many to choose from, Aragorn floats my boat, hair, horse and strong silent type.. but I wouldn't say no to Mr Clooney, Mr Gandy, or Daniel Craig, and I do like a man who can make me laugh, and is smart without being a smart-arse, and is kind to animals... Hard guy with a soft side and a brain, hehe easy to please aren't I?! I could go on, but I better not :-)

Mel Jolley said...

Whoop I've made my quota! I'm happy now, thanks Kooks ;)Well geez girl you brought up some classics there. I have to say I was VERY MUCH a Luke Danes gal! Loved him, I never watched the rest of Gilmore Girls after they broke up, just couldn't bare the thought. Geez Little House on the Praire, The Waltons and Anne of Green Gables, great original choices. Well done. X M

Mel Jolley said...

I must admit Susie, I'm definitely a Clooney over Pitt girl myself! Though Brad in Oceans Eleven at the end talking about the women's prison, priceless. Nice choices. X M

Amalie said...

If I'm going strictly for looks, I am a total cliche: give me tall(or avg), dark and handsome. Current favorite man-candy: Alcide, and Game of Thrones Stark's elder dark sons(Robb Stark & Jon Snow!)

Personality-wise? I like'em smart, sarcastic and funny. Which put me into conflict re: Angel or Spike. Blond isn't my thing, but Spike's disposition made him the winner of that cage match of my heart! or of my libido...

Alaine said...

Well I'm not a fan of George or Brad. Not to sure really.

I like guys like Bill from true blood, I have a thing for vampires - started Reading Anita Blake books too.

Just always the good guys really - and the creative types like Noah from The Note Book - he built a boat and reads to his wife who can't remember him the story of how they met and fell in love... (AWW)
And Christian from Moulin Rough...

But then their is always the lure of a bad boy on a motorbike - I will always remember a guy in a book who rode a motorbike and had tattoo - but I can't remember the book sadly..

Love your blog by the wap

Mel Jolley said...

Amalie, your taste in men makes you a girl after my own heart! Definitely like my men tall dark and handsome (You'll love Zane my hero!) But James Marsters as Spike = SWOON!

Alaine, Christian singing the Elephant Love medley! *fans self* Yes sir-ree. And I love Bill's accent, so sexy.

I'm loving the mixture of men! Thanks for playing. X M

Samantha Veerasamy said...

Damn, I just wrote a really long reply and lost it!! Grrrr!

Basically I said I loved all superheros as I couldn't possibly pick just one!

Actually, Jack Sparrow is hot....He's my number one...Hmm....Or maybe Channing Tatum in GI Joe.....Or, no, I'm sticking to ALL super heros! x

Mel Jolley said...

LOL Samantha. Don't you just hate it when that happens!Hmm superheroes, actually aesthetics-wise I gotta go for the Silver Surfer, I mean that body, face and voice (I'm talking Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer here) *shivers*! Pity he's CGI :( but then if Jessica Rabbit is a sex symbol I can have the Surfer! X M

Mel Jolley said...

Thank you to all who came and played! Unfortunately their can be only one winner, (believe me I'd LOVE to give you all a copy if I could!) And that winner is... Go to the next blog and find out. X M