Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Her Mr Perfect Christmas

So I did it. I bit the bullet and self-pubbed. Firstly with Kindle which was a absolute doddle :), and then with Smashwords, which was a lot less of a doddle :(. (And still isn't quite right :\). I have to admit, it's the most scared I've been when a book has come out, because this one is all on me! I know it's far from perfect, but apart from my hero (obviously), nothing is perfect. So here's a snippit, and the cover (which I am immensely proud of, and grateful to Faye for her PP hint.)

Amy Martin and Dominic Shaw have never been friends. However, when Dom arrives on Marty's doorstep, after she leaves a drunken message meant for his sister; things begin to change between them. Can Miss Responsible and the boy who never grew up, really be a recipe for perfection? 

WARNING: This book contains alcohol consumption that will make your liver cringe, swearing that a sailor would be proud of , and scenes of a sexual and sensual nature--So an average Saturday night down the pub then.

"I'm not twelve anymore Dom, you can't frighten me like you used to."
"Are you sure?" He raised a questioning eyebrow, and she could see he'd taken her words as a challenge.
Oh, shit. She scrambled back to the opposite end of the sofa, as he advanced on her. Never taking his eyes off hers, he inched closer. He placed one hand on the back of the sofa and one on the base near her shoulders, and then heaved himself up quickly, angling directly above her.
Marty's breathing had become ragged and incredibly loud in her own ears.
As he leaned closer his t-shirt dropped to touch her camisole at the base of her stomach, the outside of his thighs, pushed against the inside of hers forcing her legs to widen. With amazing control he lowered himself until their lips almost touched, his head tilted to the side so they didn't bump noses.
My God, is he actually going to do it? Two worlds collided in her brain, the one that kept having the increasingly erotic thoughts and right now was making her extremely hot, and the one that said, "What are you thinking. This is Dom?!"
"Are you sure I can't still scare you?" He whispered. His breath was warm and smelled of beer and popcorn. Their only point of contact was mid-thigh, but despite this she felt the electricity between them at every point of her body he shadowed; their lips, their torsos, and most noticeably their hips.
Marty closed her eyes, took a deep controlling breath, and then licked her lips, before finding Dominic's gaze again. Reaching up she placed a hand either side of his body, feeling the taut muscles under the t-shirt, she couldn't resist running her fingertips, inwards to his abs, just a little. He closed his eyes and a very visible shiver rolled over his body.
She'd never been more turned on in her life. But it had to stop. Now!
Dominic opened his eyes, narrowing them. She knew he was calling her a number of unflattering names in his head right now.
Slowly she pushed up, and he yielded to her pressure, returning to a seated position on the far end of the sofa.
"To answer your question, Dom: No you don't scare me anymore."
What was scaring her was how much she'd wanted his lips on hers.

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