Thursday, 14 February 2013

What day is it?! Ooh the day before RELEASE DAY!

Where did the time go? The past month and a half have flown by for me, what with snow, my birthday, illness ending in a hospital stay, my anniversary, my little man's birthday and finally my hubby's birthday next week. So with so many other reasons to celebrate in our house Valentines Day just doesn't exist for us. Though I wish all the lovers out there who do celebrate a wonderful day.
So now things are settling down I can finally start to enjoy the fact that I have a new book coming out tomorrow. WOOHOO! When Angels Fall is my longest story to date with a Kiwi heroine and hot Scottish hero. So here's a bit about it, but if you want a chance to win a copy of Her Mr Perfect Christmas as well, head over to Allie A Burrows blog and read my interview, who knows you might learn something new about me. I hope you enjoy. X

When Melody meets Alec, sparks fly—literally. Now he must protect her, but can he protect his heart in process?

Alec Connolly has led a mostly peaceful life since he fell from heaven a century ago. That is, until Melody Fremont pops up on his radar.

Melody has twice as much life force as a normal human, which is like catnip for demons. Now Alec must find a way to protect the spirited bartender, while keeping the vows he made to a woman long dead.

As Alec and Melody draw closer together, will Alec be able to protect her from his past, and himself from falling further than he ever thought he could?

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