Thursday, 4 April 2013

Is it September yet?

As much as I'm looking forward to summer (and spring too, if it ever gets here!) I'm REALLY looking forward to September. "Why?" I hear you ask, because my four year old will be starting school. Which means other than making sure the house is generally tidy, and getting them to and from school--I can write! Unfortunately writing has taken a back seat to guilt, whether it's spending time with the kids and hubby, or friends and housekeeping on the two child-free days I do have.
I've also had a mental block with the short story I have been writing. I could have written a novel in the time it has taken, I have friends who could have written three of four novels--and probably have--in the time I've taken, although at least I managed to write and release Her Mr Perfect Christmas in this time.
It is sad to say goodbye to my little darlings babyhoods, but it also marks a new chapter in my writing (pardon the pun) . The time has come to knuckle down, find my muse, and become the writer I want to be. X


Julie-Anne Carter said...

Love the picture..... made me laugh.... and will try to follow the advice - 'you should be writing". It should be my screen saver...

Mel Jolley said...

Julie-Anne, what a lovely surprise. I hope you're well, how is the writing going? Not as badly as me I hope ;). Thanks for the message you given me a motivational boot :D X M