Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A little word on reading reviews

I DON'T! I learnt very early on, it's not a great idea. As Benny (Minnie Driver) said in Circle of Friends (which I just saw is 20 years old this year... which it can't be because me, Minnie and Chris O'Donnell aren't that old!) "...I may look like a rhinoceros, but I've got quite a thin skin really."

It's true, reading reviews is not conducive to writing. Writers constantly struggle with this idea -
When I start a new story I'm a genius, when the first embers of creativity start dying I'm a fraud, and as much as reading the "nice" reviews may be lovely and helpful, reading the "other" reviews can be devastating. I'm only telling you all this because I just googled my little self-pub, and saw some star ratings. I was quite happy with the results I saw, but it was an itch that was scratched in those fleeting glances, because I know if I look harder I might not like what I see and then I'd never write again. So a word to the wise. Leave well enough alone and just get on with being a genius, because we could use a few more of those in the world right now. X

PS I'm six years younger than both Minnie and Chris, so I'm not that old ;)

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