Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Her Merry Mix-Up

It’s not so much that Amber Curtis gave up on Christmas, but that Christmas gave up on Amber.

After a string of chaotic Christmases, and one awkward break-up Amber is looking for some alone time. Unfortunately, the silly season seems out to get her, and instead of the haven of tranquillity she is hoping for she gets Will Stone.

Her unexpected roommate makes it his mission to prove she’s not the jinx she’s decided she is, and with the help of his family, she just might realise that a merry mix-up can be a good thing after all.

Will had stomped ahead a few paces, as they came to the top of a rather hefty hill. Amber turned to take in the view and catch her breath, only for it to be taken away again by the landscape. It was beautiful, covered in pristine white, a true winter wonderland. The cottage topped the scene off by looking like a Christmas card painting. She scooped up a handful of snow and began shaping it into a decent replica of a softball.

"Hey, slowcoach, are you coming?" She turned to see Will about twenty feet away his hands tucked deeply into his pockets.

By using his footprints, she eased her progress towards him. He was looking over her head at the scenery seemingly unaware of the projectile in her hand. Just as he turned and began walking up the slope again, she sent the snowball on a collision course with the back of his head.

"What the hell?" was all she heard as she quickly rearmed herself.

"You didn't really just hit a six foot three full back in the back of the head with a snowball did you, because that would be very silly." There was a sexy menace to his words and a shiver ran through the length of her body that had nothing to do with the cold.

His slow turn gave her a moment to aim before landing another hit, right in the centre of his face.

The fight was on as he shovelled up snow with his gloved hands and continually missed her, either due to her blinding him with her very accurate throws or just his atrocious snowball making ability. She now had the higher ground having snuck past him whilst he was wiping his face.

"You might be a big mighty rugby player, but I played rounders!" she laughed loudly and turned her back to carry on towards the now visible farmhouse, she just had time to register some people walking towards them, before realising her mistake.

There was a shuffling sound behind her and she turned just in time to glimpse the vast chest—she’d first noticed less than 48 hours ago—far closer than she’d ever expected to see it. He lifted her off the ground and placed her on her back on the freezing snow, in one fluid movement. It showed great strength and speed, unsurprisingly, but also incredible control, she hadn’t felt any impact whatsoever. His legs lay next to hers, but his arms still encircled her, holding his body mere inches away. A triumphant gleam lit his eyes before he began shaking his head vigorously letting the water and snow, she’d pummelled him with, shower down on her.

"Get off." She gasped laughing.

The head shaking stopped, but he didn't move.

"You might have a good aim, but I know how to tackle." His voice held a heat which made her stomach knot and breathing deepen.

Despite knowing she was currently on a bed of snow, Amber would have sworn she was lying on hot coals—fire was surely the only explanation for her temperature spike.

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