Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Not a natural!

You may have noticed but blogging doesn't come naturally to me... writing a diary never did either. You'd think these things would for someone who pretends to be a writer, but my real life never really interested me that much unless it was something very special, such as the previous post. What I did find came naturally was plucking stories out of thin air. I remember doing my 5th Form Certificate English exam and we had to write a short story (nowadays it would probably be called flash fiction) about a picture. It was a person standing in front of a door with their umbrella up in the pouring rain. I just looked at it and thought, she's hesitating, it's something she's not sure she wants to do but is HAS to. Then I realised she was meeting her birth mother for the first time. That's all I remember of the exam and the story, but I knew that was the story I had to tell. So though I'll try and stop by and say hello to anyone who may be passing I won't make any promises ;) X

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