Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Power of Four

Doris O'Connor tagged me in this fun post, which is basically four things on various topics that you may not know about me.

So, here goes: Okay I may have bent the rules slightly on a couple of these?!

Four places I have worked:

Mount Ruapehu, NZ (Cafe tart)
Real Estate Offices, NZ (Receptionist)
The Parrot Pub, Surrey, UK (Bar wench/waitress)
Early Childhood Teacher, NZ (Scary huh!)

Four movies I could watch again and again:

Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone (all of them actually but this one is special!)
Lord of the Rings (All of them again-extended editions with all the extras)

Fast Five (YUM!)

Four TV Shows I watch:

Once Upon A Time
Hawaii Five-0
NCIS: (Original & LA)
Psych (like how I snuck in 5 shows ;))

Four Authors I enjoy:

JK Rowling

Agatha Christie
Serenity Woods
Stephanie Meyers (So shoot me I liked them!)

Four Places I have travelled to:

Isle of Wight
Disneyland, LA

Four websites I visit daily:

Breathless Press

Four favourite foods:

Whittakers chocolate
Beef mince and vege on toast YUM!

Four places I'd rather be:

On the beach
On the beach in the Islands(Samoa, Rarotonga, Fiji, Vanuatu I'm not fussy?!)
On the beach in the Islands with friends and family
On the beach in the Islands with friends and family AND a truckload of seafood!

Four people I want to tag:

Juanita Kees
Melissa Lockhart
Stace McSweeney
Aimee Duffy

This is just a bit of fun, but if you've been tagged, please make your own list and link back to me. Can't wait to see what you come up with :-) X M


Aimee Duffy said...

Mine is done, sorry for the delay. It's been mad of late!

Mel Jolley said...

Oh goody will come look. X M