Saturday, 17 November 2012


I've just received a fantastic review, and yes like a sweet stuffed child I'm jumping around my house telling anyone who'll listen!

Getting a good review is a buzz, being told by anyone that "they liked what you wrote" gives you the hope that you're not completely crap after all, and it might just be worth putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) again. By contrast, getting a truly awful review, well let's just say hiding in the broom cupboard, with a box of milk tray and bottle or three of sauvignon blanc doesn't feel like an overreaction, at all!

I'm a firm believer in "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all", it may be old fashioned, but I'm an old fashion kind of girl, that's just me. I don't expect others to adhere to this, and if someone doesn't like my style or story they have every right to say so after parting with their hard earned cash. (Though I hope they don't.)

 I know friends will often give us 5 star reviews or ratings, but I've never asked for that and would never expect it of them, though I do appreciate their support greatly. I think when your friends do that for you, somewhere in the back of your mind you're thinking "Did they really think it was 5 stars? Or do they just love me that much?" I certainly try not to give 5 stars unless I really mean it, but I'm afraid to give friends/acquaintances anything lower in case I offend them. I mean honestly sometimes I'll up a 4 star to 5, but with most of the writers I know I can give my reviews very honestly (which is a massive relief).

What I want most from reviews is reasons. The bits you loved and why, they bits you didn't love and why.

I appreciate anyone who has written a review for any of my stories, whether it's 2 stars or 5. I know I can't please everyone, which is fine, it's just nice to know when I do please someone. x

So how do you feel about reviews? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

Love you and love your books.. that's why you got a great review! Love the fact that your books give the reader a bit more freedom to contribute to the picture they have in their minds of the character. You don't put to much specific detail that bogs down what the reader wants the character to be (or look like). That's what I think any. Keep up the great work Mrs Jolley!!

Mel Jolley said...

Thank you. X

Mel Jolley said...

Thank you. X

Susie Medwell said...

I really appreciate it when people take the time to leave a review and it gives me a massive lift when I know a total stranger has read my book and loves it. Yay!

I don't leave negative reviews because it's all a matter of taste/opinion and if I don't like a story it doesn't mean it isn't good does it? Bad reviews are hard, but if there is something constructive there I can take away and learn from then it's a bonus.

I just appreciate everyone who has bought my stories and taken the time to read them, whether they review them or not. But, I'm with you - it's great to know when I please someone :-)

Mel Jolley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susie. I totally agree. I read about John Locke buying reviews, and as great as it would be to reach 1million I'd want my book to get there on its own merits! X