Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Oh Mr Gandy & What's a Tom bank?!

We just had Comic Relief here in the UK, a sort of telethon that raises money for charities in the UK and abroad. One of the celebrities involved in one of the many comedy sketches was David Gandy. Now I'd heard of David Gandy and had even seen pictures of him, and though I would never have denied that he was very attractive, well he just didn't do it for me.
That is until I saw him on Comic Relief!
Oh My Gandy!
That's for sure. There is a manliness that so many male models seem to lack. I don't do pretty boys, but give me a man with stubble and creases and a set of blue eyes that could drag your soul back from the pits of hell with one wink, and I'm yours for life!

So the reason I bring all this up is, well, guess who my next hero looks like. ;)
His name is Tom Cassidy (well for now, these things sometimes change in the early stages.) and he was originally conceived from a couple of other Toms'.
Tom Ellis from among other things Miranda, and the internet's boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.
(I've also decided that since Marvel has a Chris vault, Britain has a Tom bank, because apart from the previously mentioned there is also Hardy, Mison & Felton, oh my!)

Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts on David Gandy and the Tom bank with you. To finish here is a moment from Red Nose Day 2013. Enjoy. X

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